Leonel is an Argentine-born Tango dancer who has had a long trajectory of Tango dancing, teaching and DJ-ing in Buenos Aires, Canada and Sydney. Prior to Melbourne becoming his ‘home’, Leonel studied Tango in Buenos Aries with a string of profound Tango dancers and Maestros, developing his traditional Tango style, and teaching at one of the most traditional Milongas in Buenos Aires, ‘La Confiteria Ideal’. Leonel actively continues to develop and refine his Tango based on the traditional Tango technique while pushing boundaries with his own creative flair. He is a dedicated and attentive teacher, openly sharing his love of Tango and developing his students into refined and stylish dancers. In 2012 he was placed in the top 100 of the Tango World Cup Championship on the category ‘Tango de Pista’ in Buenos Aries, Argentina. 


Contacto: 0423 760 044
Available for private tuition


Leonel Colque 

Argentine Tango Instructor